Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure about something? We might have the answer to most of your absentee voter questions.

A ballot drop box provides a secure and convenient means for voters to return their mail ballot. Ballot boxes prevent anyone from accessing the votes cast until the close of the voting period.

A drop box is a secure, locked structure operated by election officials where voters may deliver their ballots from the time they receive them in the mail up to the time polls close on Election Day.

Ballot drop boxes can be staffed or unstaffed, temporary, or permanent. They are however always secure and are manufactured in a way that prevents tampering. 

In some states, you will be provided a universal mail-in ballow which you can fill out and return via the US Postal Service, or by your county's ballot dropbox. 

Other states will require that you request an absentee ballot. These states may require you to give a reason for requesting an absentee ballot or may require you to have a witness or notary sign your ballot. 

Yes! Most states and counties will allow you to cast your absentee vote early so you can avoid the crowds.

We believe in the democratic process, and that every person's vote deserves to be counted. As our lives become busier sometimes it does become hard for us to vote, this is why we feel it is important to recognize the need for Ballot Box Voting.

There is no cost associated with using BallotBox.Info. We are providing this as a service to the people of the US. 

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