Announcing BallotBox.Info

A non-partisan tool for locating voter ballot boxes nationwide

Austin Whitlatch & Hannah Day
BallotBoxInfo, LLC
303-917-5047 or 770-533-1263 or

Atlanta, GA: BallotBoxInfo, LLC announced today their new service: www.BallotBox.Info; a non-partisan online tool to help locate voter ballot drop boxes nationwide. This offers a new way for voters to not only find the ballot box locations nearest them, but also informs on the laws and requirements surrounding absentee voting in every state.

“More states than ever are relying on vote-by-mail in this election, and for many people, this will be their first time doing so.”, says Austin Whitlatch, co-founder of BallotBoxInfo. “We made this site to help advocate the use of ballot drop boxes as an alternative to in-person voting or mailing a ballot. Most states recommend mailing a ballot at least seven days prior to the election. During this period a person may feel like they have missed their opportunity to cast their vote or worry that their mailed ballot will not arrive on time. We want to avoid that at all costs.”

Features and benefits of www.BallotBox.Info include:

  • Locating voter ballot drop boxes nationwide.
  • Helps voters verify their state laws/requirements for absentee voting
  • Provides options for absentee voting in state that do not provide ballot drop boxes

About BallotBoxInfo, LLC: BallotBoxInfo, LLC is comprised of volunteers led by Austin Whitlatch, in charge of development, and media/design manager, Hannah Day. The team at BallotBoxInfo, LLC is dedicated to educating voters about their options to create a safe and fair election.

The goal in founding BallotBox.Info, LLC is to empower voters from all walks of life and to equip them with the knowledge and help them vote. will be available starting September 1, 2020, at no cost to the public.

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