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Be ready for the November 3rd election. Find out if ballot drop off is available in your county and where you can drop off your ballot for a safe and secure voting experience.

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Cast your ballot using ballot drop boxes

Ballot Drop Boxes

Many voters are worried about casting their ballots in person this November because of the pandemic. They're also concerned that their mail-in ballots could be misplaced or delayed. One voting option that is gaining popularity is the use of drop boxes, where voters can deposit their absentee ballots to be collected later by election officials.

Researchers have found that drop boxes can boost overall turnout.

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Who We are

We believe that every vote counts. We believe that it is important for each and every voter to be able to find the option for placing their ballot that best helps them cast their ballot. This is why we started to accomplish this mission; Finding every ballot drop off box in America and advocating their use as a viable 3rd option in this election.

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Cast your ballot using ballot drop boxes
Cast your ballot using ballot drop boxes

How Can you Help?

There are many ways you can help get the word out about BallotBox.Info

We are always looking for help gathering information on every county and Parish's Ballot Box locations and Absentee Ballot laws.

We are also looking for volunteers to help get the word out about BallotBox.Info.

We currently have located 6700 drop box locations in 42 states. If you would like to volunteer your time to help with the effort, please contact us.

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